Qualify your leads

Qualification had never been so easy

We know how tedious qualification can be. That’s why we made OhMyLead’s qualification interface so intuitive and easy to use. Simply open OhMyLead, start calling leads and send personalized mail template, with qualification insights at your fingertips. At the end of this process, your lead is identified as a sales-ready or a nurturing target and can be exported seamlessly into your CRM.


We build an intuitive and customizable interface in order to facilitate the qualification process. Create your own status, filter according to your priorities and time schedule, make a phone call, create and send your mail template,  and export your lead wherever it needs to be.

Smart Contact

One crucial part of the qualification process is about knowing your lead. Build meaningful relationships with your leads and future customers by giving them more than a mail and a name. Get the best and deepest Insight about your leads.  That’s why every lead is now a smart contact, with unique pieces of information like :
  • All the historic between you and this person
  • Every Social Network
  • Personal Information like is location, age, hobbies and interest, mail…
  • Professional Information like his position, company, mail address…

Mailing Automation & Template

Automate your marketing funnel and don’t miss any sales opportunities by engaging your leads at the right time. Automated personalized mailing let you deliver emails to each subscriber when it’s right for them. Create templates in order to increase your and your team productivity.

Verification Mail and numbers

We wanted to automate the process of lead qualification in order to let you send to your CRM only the sales-ready one. One part of the process is about email and phone number verification. We identify duplicate contacts, categorize the ones that are redundant and highlight the customer accounts with incomplete profiles. In short, we help you invest your precious time and energy on the RIGHT contacts!