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Unlimited users

Play as a team by invite an unlimited number of users in Ohmylead. Manage every level of access like giving only the qualification part, the analytics one or simply a vision about the all process.

Unlimited Lead sources
  • Sync unlimited Facebook lead ads
  • Sync Unlimited Wordpress Gravity forms
  • Create unlimited number of Landing pages
  • Create unlimited number of Web Forms
Welcome Mail

Automate your engagement and keep your leads warm by sending them the perfect welcome email at the right time no matter where it comes.

Email Verification

Get Instant lead alert after one new lead get capture, wherever you generated them. Those alerts will let you to avoid missing any single sales opportunity.

Phone Number verification

Invest your precious time and energy on the RIGHT contacts by verify fake emails all around the world. Automatically filter every unqualified leads.

Lead Enrichment

Get more insights and data about your leads like jobs, hobbies, social networks profile... To build a good relation with your future customer, it’s better to know more than a name and an email.

Lead Scoring

Know very quickly which leads are more important to process before others. Automate your qualification process with a smart and flexible scoring


Yes of course, all of our team is committed to give you all the necessaries information to help you boost your lead management process, to let you deliver only high qualified leads and improve your lead gen campaign ROI. - Join us on the Facebook group ohmylead Leads Generators Community - Check our Help center - - You can see here our roadmap -
A lead source is every channel that you can use to attract visitors and capture leads. This is a critical piece of data you need in order to assess the value of your marketing campaigns and part of proper lead management. When connected to Ohmylead, you’ll receive your leads in real-time. Stay organized by connecting the maximum source that you can use across the web. Facebook leads ads Gravity Forms Landing Page Web Forms Excel Spreadsheets Coming soon Linkedin Lead Gen Google Spreadsheets (coming soon) Unbounce Instapage ClickFunnels ManyChat
How fast is Ohmylead? See for yourself... 1- Connect Them All πŸ‘₯ Connect your Facebook leads ads πŸ”Œ Connect your Gravity Forms πŸ›¬ πŸ–₯ Create a new high converting Landing Page πŸ“ Integrate a Web Forms anywhere βœ… Import your own leads with Excel Spreadsheets More are coming soon.... 2- Qualify and automates your work 🎯 Easy to use qualification interface that will let you maximize your chances to convert a lead into a new client πŸ”Ž Lead enrichment that will give you deepest insights about your leads πŸ“§ Use either email and your templates or either πŸ“£ the voice call ip to qualify your leads πŸŽ› Create and set up automated lead alerts and welcome email to optimize your engagement Email validation and phone verification 3- Measure the ROI πŸ“Š Knowing in real time which sources generate the most qualified leads πŸš€πŸ“ˆ Monitor your team performance rate thanks to smart filter and personalized funnels