Integrations and Workflow

Complete your sales and marketing funnels

Integrate your account with your own external integrated systems to give your people insights they can act upon. Easily find the tools you need to grow your list, boost conversions, level-up your marketing automation and simply to continue your workflow and close deals.

Marketing Automation and lead nurturing

If your lead needs more content and reflexion, connect OhMyLead with your favorite marketing automation tool and keep going with your drip marketing campaign. Go deeper in the input of lead nurturing by staying in your buyers’ minds with mobile-friendly emails and newsletters. But never lose your good work with the possibility to import your segmented list. You can keep going on, nurture leads based on their profiles & interests, and send your prospects exactly what they need, when they need it.

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Transform MQL into SQL

If the lead is ready to become a new client, you can be sure that sales team will be happy to get in their CRM highly qualified leads that are deeply interested in your product. Help your sales team to automate repetitive and important tasks and led them to be more efficient. Get more precise pipeline in order to be sure to close the deal.

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