The missing link between
lead Generation, CRMs & ESPs

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Your Leads before sending them to your CRM / ESP

How it works

Synchronize your lead Sources

Capture your leads in a platform that centralize every lead sources across the web. It’s time to stop to struggling with multiple spreadsheets and make the most of your lead generation campaign by gathering and managing every source in one unique place.

Qualify your leads in real time

We know how tedious qualification can be. That’s why we made Ohmylead’s qualification interface so intuitive and easy to use. Everything in the qualification process is about knowing and engaging your lead.

Connect your CRM & ESP

Complete and optimize your sales funnels by sending your sales team leads only these ones that are really close to becoming clients. But also we facilitate a proper lead management process by nurturing connections who are not yet ready to become clients. Unqualified leads will be automatically delivered to your favorite lead nurturing tool for further “nurturing”.

The simplest way
to deliver
highly qualified leads

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You’re in good hands

Build more trust between Sales and Marketing department like our happily customers such as

"Implement Ohmylead as our lead management tool reference has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve been able to reorient the investment of our lead Gen campaign and that allowed us to save money and deliver more qualified leads - but I’d always like to see more!"


Daantje van Zutphen

"We were able to test our way from a 5% conversion rate, all the way up to 20%. The simple fact to give highly qualified leads to our sales representative lead us to more deal closed."


Anaïs Loiselle

"There is a really good and ambitious team behind the software, appreciate their quick response times and their help during the setup process! All is going smoothly for me and my clients"


Ayoub Izm