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✔ Drive more qualified leads & measure the R.O.I of your Lead Gen campaign
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What is OhMyLead ?

OhMyLead is an all-in-one lead management software that synchronizes every lead sources in one place and let you mesure the R.O.I of your Lead Generation Campaigns. It provides a simple interface for your team to qualify leads in a timely manner. Once qualified, OhMyLead will connect to your favorite CRM to deliver only the sales-ready contacts.

Make sales simple by delivering
only high qualified leads

Sync every sources across the web

Easily attract and convert new leads with a solution that unifies every lead source across the web and provides you with templates that are proven to convert. It’s time to stop struggling with multiple spreadsheets and make the most of  lead generation by gathering and managing all of your lead sources and campaigns in one unique, clear and friendly to use dashboard.

Qualification had never been so easy

We know how tedious qualification can be. That’s why we made OhMyLead’s qualification interface so intuitive and easy to use. Simply open OhMyLead and start calling leads, with qualification information at your fingertips. At the end of your call click a status [Red or Green] and start calling the next one right away.

Improve engagement with smart notifications and confirmations

Keep your leads engaged by sending unified, personalized and automated emails to every new lead, no matter where they convert.

Which lead sources generate the best leads?

OhMyLead shows you where your best leads are coming from. This way you can get more of the good leads and less of the bad one.

You can also monitor the performance of every lead source in terms of daily conversion, or monitor the performance of every team member in terms of qualified leads per day.

Sell Ohmylead under you own brand using
our White Label if you looking to offer more value
to companies through your service offerings

*Make MORE money
*Scale YOUR offering
Yes, we provide a powerful landing page builder to create the landing page that you want. If you are lack of inspiration, we also give the possibility to start with high converting templates
We offer you the possibility to test for 30 days the solution with every feature as a premium enterprise account, no matter which plans you choose. We will send you resources all along this period to guide you with your new lead management process.
Complete process of tracking and managing sales leads from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships. OhMyLead gather all the data used to measure the efficiency of your marketing and sales efforts.

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