Easy Facebook Lead Ad Sync

Get real-time Facebook lead ad email notifications for a faster followup


In short, this is like air traffic control for your leads - it makes sure that no leads fall through the cracks and they get the most appropriate immediate response Martin Belhoste - Sales manager - Moët Hennessy - France

Sync Your Lead Ads & Filter Your Leads
Sending Only The Qualified Ones To Your CRM

Measure and Analyze your Lead Ad campaigns & optimize your ROAS as you grow

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What are Fb lead ads:

Facebook lead ads are a new ad-format built by Facebook that lets you easily collect leads thanks to their native pre-filled lead forms. No need to redirect your leads to a landing page, you can generate leads directly from Facebooks platform.

No more spreadsheets:

○ Once you capture the Fb leads, Facebook only allows you to download the list of leads as CSV File. No filtering, slow follow-up & time-consuming. That’s why Ohmylead offers a simple way of syncing with Facebook, you will start receiving your leads and get notified in real-time without any effort.

New Horizons:

○ Ohmylead allows you to Automatically sync Facebook lead ads, verify, score and enrich all incoming leads in real-time, sending only qualified, sales-ready leads to your favorite CRM. Measure & analyze your results and reorient your budget accordingly.

Never Miss Another Lead Again

Keeping up with different lead ads scattered on multiple sheets is time-consuming. The worst thing is that by the time you get to reach that newly acquired Facebook lead, the lead might not be interested anymore. This compromises the lead quality and the effectiveness of your Marketing and Advertising efforts. Hence the importance of centralizing all your leads under one roof.

Sync, Verify & Send Only Qualified Leads To Your CRM

Easily sync your Facebook lead ads with Ohmylead and automatically verify email addresses and phone numbers to weed out the bad and only focus on the right leads. Find out which of your lead sources generate the most Facebook qualified leads and reorient your ad investment in real-time.


Ideal for agencies or any sales team that might have many accounts to manage. By choosing the Agency plan you will be able to offer your customers the possibility to see their qualified/ unqualified leads, filter & organize your customers accounts accordingly, get real-time email notifications and follow-up faster with their leads, all of this while keeping your other clients privacy safe.

GDPR Compliance & Security

The privacy of our customer’s information & details is something that we take very seriously. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU Regulation that significantly enhances the protection of the personal data of customers.

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Integrates to your favorite Email Service Provider, Landing page builder, CRM, or IP Phone via Zapier, Integromat, Webhooks and many native integrations.

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Facebook Lead Ads are basically ad forms that allow advertisers to collect prospects details directly from Facebook's platform without having to redirect them to a landing page. It is suitable for anyone looking to generate more leads.

  • Create an account with Ohmylead
  • On the OML dashboard, click on ‘New Source’.
  • Select Facebook Lead Ads
  • Connect to your Fb page and sync your lead ads
  • Setup your ‘lead alert’ & the ‘welcome email’
  • Click on finish and your all set
  • a. Head to Fb Ads Manager.
  • b. Click on Create.
  • c. Select Lead Generation as your marketing objective.
  • d. Select your Fb Page.
  • e. Select your Target Audience.
  • f. Choose where you want to place your ad.
  • g. Add-in your budget & select your ad format .
  • h. Ad copy - headline, description & your call-to-action.
  • i. Scroll down a little and select Contact Form
    • i. Intro - Why should people fill the form?
    • ii. Questions - Ask questions that are relevant to your business.
    • iii. Privacy Policy - Add in your companies privacy policy.
    • iv. ‘Thank you’ section - It’s the page that pops-up after the prospects submit their information.
    • v. Click Finish & your done.

Yes, you get email notifications for every newly acquired lead.

Fb lead ads are for any industry looking to increase their lead generation and to increase their ROAS.

Ohmylead automatically verifies every email address & phone number, as soon as they get imported to Ohmylead.

Leads can be qualified either by Call, SMS or email.

Yes, you can connect as many lead sources as you want.

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