Stop wasting time managing your leads on different platforms
use Ohmylead to collect, nurture and qualify them in one place


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In short, this is like air traffic control for your leads - it makes sure that no leads fall through the cracks and they get the most appropriate immediate response Martin Belhoste - Sales manager - Moët Hennessy - France

Ohmylead allows you to connect
to over 400 Lead Gen, Sales & Marketing tools

Manage all your leads under one roof

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01. Connect

Connect all your lead sources to Ohmylead to unify and streamline your lead management process.

02. Qualify

Ohmylead is built from the ground up to make lead qualification fast and easy. You will never miss a lead again.

03. Nurture & Close

Complete your funnel on your own lead nurturing tool or your CRM, while giving your sales people insights they can act upon.

Your leads are scattered?

Keeping up with leads scattered on multiple tools is time consuming. Bring all your leads under one roof to qualify them faster.

Verify, score and send only qualified leads to your favorite CRM

Automatically verify, score and enrich all incoming leads.

Then send only qualified, sales-ready leads to your favorite CRM.

Nurture your leads when
they are not sales ready

When your leads do not qualifiy for a sales call, send them right way to your favorite marketing automation platform for further nurturing

We integrate with
your favourite tools

Integrates to your favorite Email Service Provider, Landing page builder, CRM, or IP Phone via Zapier, Integromat, Webhooks and many native integrations.

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Mobile app
coming soon

Ohmylead mobile app will bring even more convinience to your lead management process, with features like mobile notification, click to call, email and SMS follow up right from your mobile.

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